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Click on each couples photo to see more of their event!


Dana and Courtney

Dealing with covid was not easy, but Dana and Courtney took every twist and turn flawlessly and was able to make their wedding day (2.0) as beautiful as one could imagine. 

Lauren and Joe are the crafty-est I have worked with yet! They build so much of their decor together and it really made their day so beautiful. And instead of clicking glasses, they made a roping horse for kisses!


Lauren and Jacob

Lauren and Jake were such a carefree, fun couple! Their day was cold but oh, so gorgeous! Not to mention they were the first people on the dance floor and the last ones off. Totally my kind of people!


Ashley and Eric

Working with Ashley and Eric was such an amazing experience. They were both so in tune with each other and what they wanted for their big day. It was such a pleasure working with them and their families.

Casey &    Rob

Casey and Rob will have a wedding story for the ages. From Covid planning to a complete wedding overhaul in just 2 weeks. It was one for the book but we endured and their day was amazing!

couple veil.jpg

Ashleigh and Joel

Ashleigh and Joel are one of the most fun loving couples I have gotten to work with. I haven't gotten to do many weddings for a couple that played prank after prank on each other and their wedding party. 


Matt & Char

Light the marquee, because this story has a blockbuster ending. Matt and Char met in film school and their passion for the industry showed bright on their wedding day. They were such a fun and laid back couple to work with. 

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Jess and Bill

​Jess and Bill are avid craft beer enthusiasts, so a wedding at an actual brewery was the perfect location for them and their guests. They were such a fun couple to work with. Never have I met a more detailed bride and a more calm and collected groom.

Katie &   Schyuler

Katie and Schyuler were just an awesome couple to work with. It wasn't always easy having to deal with Covid restrictions but we made it happen and it was an incredible day. Complete with horses and all the possible fall colors you can imagine. 

Emily Joy 19.jpg
Greg and  Laura
greg and laura.jpg

Greg and Laura had a true fairy tale wedding, complete with the princess carriage, vintage car and all the sparkle and glitter you can imagine. They dated in high school, but didn't fall in love until later in life. It was such a blissful time watching this couple share their vows. 

Adam & Lesley

Adam and Lesley are huge fans of the outdoors and country life. They picked the perfect venue for themselves on a beautiful farm, complete with a rustic barn and horses that roamed the grounds. 

bride groom barn.jpg
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